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18th of May 2018

DOCKS Collective Release Party

With our newspaper “DOCKS’18” designed by Simon Schulz and financed by Nikon Germany.
Thanks to everyone who joined us at our release-party in Rekorder II, Dortmund.

December 2018

Ingmar won the Emerge Visual Journalism Grant with his long-term photo-essay "Behind Facades".

November 2018

Fabian, Ingmar and Arne are shortlisted for the Vonovia Photography Award. 
October 2018

Arne is among the finalists of W. Eugene Smith Student Grant with his work “Glaube, Sitte, Heimat”.

October 2018 

Arne got interviewed by PDN about his photographic approach for the PDNedu Fall issue.

“ ‘Because documentary photography is so fragmentary,’ Piepke says, ‘I believe the right context and honesty of the photographer is very important.’ One way Piepke remains honest is by revealing his presence in the images. ‘Being honest with the protagonist, the viewer and the medium itself’ brings humanistic values to the work, he says.”

September 2018
Fabian is among the winners of Germany Youth Photoprize with his work Safetyzone II. 
The work documents the side stages of the OSCE and G20 political summits in Hamburg. Fabian wants to invite the viewer to an alternative reflection of the events.
September 2018

We organised a screening at Fontaine de Perpignan during Visa pour l'image. Thanks to everyone who came around.
Special thanks to Christoph Bangert and Fotobus Society!

August 2018
Ingmar is among the finalists of Lugano PhotoDays Emerging Photographers with his work “Behind Facades”. 

July 2018

Loupe Magazine interviewed Arne and Ingmar about their collaborative work. 
“I think that working together requires trust and honesty. You totally rely on each other. There’s more to it than simply having a similar photographic approach. Being friends and working together at the same time shaped us a lot. When you share the same vision of a project it can even strengthen a body of work.”
July 2018

Pankisi got feautred on HUCK Magazine. Tim and Max were also interviewed an talked about their photographic apprach as well as how they experienced the valley in Georgia. 
Despite a widespread distrust of journalists in the Pankisi region, the photographers say that most bad experiences had occurred because journalists had typically stayed for a very short time. “With a deep interest in people and enough time, trust develops on both sides. That was very important to us,” they say. - HUCK
July 2018

Some impressions of the opening week of Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles. We hang 35 DOCKS-Posters all around the beautiful city center, prepared a guerilla exhibition as well as a screening at Place Voltaire.
July 2018

Remains of a Soviet Utopia by Ingmar and Arne has been published on Spiegel Online
June 2018
In the framework program to the World Press photo exhibition at Depot Dortmund, Ingmar joind a conversation about photography and society and presented DOCKS’18.

Max and Ingmar also presented our newspaper at the “Editorial Lab #2” at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund. 

June 2018

The work Remains of a Soviet Utopia got featured on Huck Magazine. Arne and Ingmar were interviewed about their photographic approach, the teamwork and their attitude and values in photography.

“Motivating each other and constantly reflecting on the work is one of the main advantages of working in a team. Our criticism is very honest. As friends working together at the same time, it shaped us a lot. When you share the same vision of a project, it can strengthen a body of work.”
June 2018 

We were invited to take part in a discussion about the importance of collectives at Lumix Photofestival Hannover.
Tim and Arne were on stage with Christoph Bangert and photographers from MINT Collective, Kollektiv 25 and Goethe Exil.
May 2018 

Fabian got shortlisted for Kolga Photo Award 2018 with his work Tamera.
His photos were included in the exhibition of the opening ceremony in Tbilisi as well as in the festival catalogue. 
April 2018

Arne is among the winners of PDN Emerging Photographers and got featured in the Spring 2018 issue with his work “Faith, Custom, Home”.
March 2018 

Arne won the PDNedu Student Contest in the category “Documentary/Photojournalism” with his work Abkhazia.

January 2018
The work Pankisi by Tim and Max got featured by 

The Pankisi Valley is usually a quiet place in northern Georgia. However the calm facade of the beautiful landscape would not make anyone think that the small region near the Chechen border was internationally known as “The Valley of Terror”.
December 2017

Fabian’s soloexhibition of his work Safteyzone II at the gallery Rekorder II in Dortmund on 16th December 2017.
He shows a different, subject view on the G20 and OSZE summits in Hamburg. 

November 2017

Arne and Ingmar won the
Vonovia Newcomer Award
with their photo-essay Remains of a Soviet Utopia

November 2017

Arne got nominated for the Photogrvphy Grant in the category “Journalism” and shortlisted for the “Emerging Scholarship” by LUCIE Foundation.

His work Abkhazia documents the present condition in a barely recognised state, while focussing on the younger generation. 

September 2017

Maximilian, Tim, Arne and Ingmar were shortlisted for Felix Schoeller Photo Award, Best emerging Photographer.

May 2017

Max, Tim, Arne and Ingmar were nominated for the Kolga Tbilisi Photo Newcomer Award. Their works TransnistriaPankisi and Remains of a Soviet Utopia got featured in the exhibition and in the catalogue. 
Pankisi and Remains of a Soviet Utopia were also among the three finalist for the Newcomer Award. 

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