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We are DOCKS, a collective of young photographers.
We stand for diverse and contemporary approaches to documentary photography, based on humanistic values.

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based in Dortmund // Germany

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Fabian Ritter (1992) grew up between a franconian small town, Austrian mountain scape and german „no-go areas“. Shaped by insights on different cultures and ways of life, he is interested in social phenomena and tensions of society. Today, he focuses on those topics with artistic and documentary approaches.

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Arne Piepke (1991) comes from a small village surrounded by hills and trees. His attitude towards photography was shaped by an urge to break out and explore. He deals with social issues and the people‘s connection to history and their surroundings. With his photos, he wants to raise questions that follow the viewer and lead to an examination of the issues.

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Ingmar Björn Nolting (1995) volunteered to help the homeless and blind after finishing his A-levels in Southern Germany. Since then, due to this very formative experience, Ingmar‘s photographic work has focused on social documentary issues, in which he sets his sights on people and their habitats, which have disappeared from the public eye.

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Maximilian Mann (1992) grew up in Kassel, Germany. During a voluntary service in Tanzania, his desire to study photography grew. In his photographic works he is primarily engaged in socially marginalised groups and minorities in Eastern Europe.

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Aliona Kardash (1990) grew up in Siberia, where she graduated in Journalism at the Tomsk State University. Working as a photojournalist and as a teacher for photojournalism has strongly influenced her current work.
She deals with cultural and national identity, people’s connection to their past, relations in the society and common grounds.

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Tim Brederecke inactive founding member

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