here we show a selection of our individual and collective assignments

selected clients: The New York Times, Washington Post, TIME, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Le Monde, The New York Times Magazine, GEO, Die ZEIT, Der SPIEGEL, Stern, Los Angeles Times, ZEIT Wissen, ZEIT Campus, ZEIT online, 11 Freunde, Dagbladet Information, TAZ, Society 

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Ballett - for Los Angeles Times
by Maximilian Mann

Wild Horses of Dülmen - for Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin
by Arne Piepke

In North Rhine-Westphalia, a huge herd of horses has lived untamed and free for centuries. What does an animal's life look like when man holds back for once?

An old farming village that will be razed to mine coa- for The New York Times
by Ingmar Nolting

The village of Lützerath will have to make way for coal mining as planned. The decision was announced by NRW Economics Minister Neubaur and Federal Economics Minister Habeck. The coal under Lützerath is needed “to operate the lignite fleet at high capacity utilization during the energy crisis,” RWE announced.

Qatar - Stern
By Aliona Kardash
Krefeld bla - liberation
by Fabian Ritter 
Associations in Germany - for GEO
by Arne Piepke

What holds us together - How associations in Germany give their members support, meaning and a home. A visit to 9 clubs across Germany.