The Eviction of Lützerath  

Selection of several assignments by our members for The New York Times,
Washington Post, ZEIT Online, Le Monde
Since 2020, climate activists have occupied the site of Lützerath. The energy company RWE is planning to expand the adjacent open-cast lignite mine and therefore to excavate Lützerath.
The residents left years ago, but activists want to stay there and oppose RWE. They say the coal is no longer needed and Germany's climate targets cannot be met if it is dredged.
RWE and German Economics and Climate Protection Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) agreed on a compromise that would end lignite mining in North Rhine-Westphalia as early as 2030, but still allow coal to be mined under Lützerath.
The eviction was decided and began on January 11, 2023. The resistance was large and reached a climax with a demonstration on Saturday with approx. 20,000 participants. Attempts to storm Lützerath were stopped by force.
Frustration among activists is high, civil disobedience is seen as a last resort.

Several of our members accompanied the preparations, as well as the eviction itself, until the demonstration on Saturday.