Remains of a Soviet Utopia

Arne Piepke & Ingmar B. Nolting

Vaziani (Geor­gia), an estate of run­down tower blocks, was con­struc­ted during the soviet era and ser­ved as accom­mo­da­tion for sol­diers, sta­tio­ned in a near-by mili­tary base. Back then the popu­la­tion lived in pro­spe­rity – the set­t­le­ment flou­ris­hed. After the down­fall of the USSR, the sta­tio­ned Rus­sian sol­diers left the set­t­le­ment for home. All that was left were the ruins of a socia­li­s­tic dream, which should become a new home for the poo­rest of the poor. The govern­ment sold the flats for 50 Lari to people with depri­ved back­grounds, home­l­ess and IDPs from Abkha­zia. Alt­hough time shat­te­red con­crete to dust, the people stay – they hope for a future in their home.

“Let us remember this city as it was, because soon there may be nothing left of it — but the memories will remain. Memories to take to our graves. Let’s all tell the younger generation about this beautiful place, where our memories were made.”

“It’s so sad to see my lovely city falling apart. I can’t watch it without tears welling up my eyes. But it’s not our fault, my friends, that our lovely city, which used to bloom and to develop, has now turned into ruins.”

Black and white images source: youtube
Quotes out of a poem by a former resident of Vaziani