Youth of Kyiv

by Fabian Ritter

How does it feel to grow up as a young person in wartime? Some of the young people want to stay, others can not leave Ukraine, some have returned from neighboring countries. After weeks of siege in February and March 2022, more and more life is returning to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. The first theater rehearsals take place again, music clubs organize flea markets instead of rave parties. The first reunion at the bathing lake, the first concert to benefit the Ukrainian military. Many young people have returned after fleeing Kyiv for safety reasons in the first days of the war. Now, often after weeks or even months, they are back to support their homeland and try to live in their new normality as best they can.
While Kyiv has been considered comparatively safe in Ukraine in recent weeks, the future here still remains uncertain. The work “Youth of Kyiv” gives a voice to young people in this particular phase of their lives and documents their new daily events and routines.