Print sale for donations (CLOSED)

Many thanks to all who bought prints and supported our campaign! From now on we are working on printing and shipping.

As a collective we would like to support institutions in their work in times of COVID-19.  Therefore we are starting a print sale from which the proceeds will be donated to Caritas international, who are asking for support for better hygiene conditions, sufficient food supply and effective prevention work. Their goal is to reach 200.000€.
There are 15 motives to choose from, which are all printed on DINA4 photo cardboard matt. The price is 50 Euro. We ship worldwide and will donate 40 Euro of each print.
Please mention the title of the picture from the gallery below and your shipping address! 

Afterwards you’ll get a confirmation from us.
Since we want to print everything collectively, we want to run the campaign until April 8th. Then we give everything to the printing and shipping. So please be patient until your prints arrive.
If you have any questions, feel free to write us: mail@dockscollective.com

Unfortunately we cannot issue a donation receipt. We apologize for this.

Thanks and love from home